Cross Country Ski de Fond Canada (CCC) needs your help.

In the 20 months I have had the pleasure of working for Cross Country Ski de fond Canada (CCC), I have evaluated all facets of the organization. The resounding message from stakeholders across the country is that CCC needs to change, revitalize, and move in a new direction.

Today, we need your participation as we embark on the most important part of our revitalization – brand identity. Our brand is more than our logo. It identifies who we are as a community and communicates a common vision for the future. Our brand must align with our strategy and core values. It will force us to make decisions on where to focus.

Like any successful brand, Cross Country Ski de fond Canada’s brand will be built from the inside out. As a result, we are seeking input from our entire community. This process will provide us all with an opportunity to come together and discuss, decide and create the future we want.

We have engaged Taiji Brand Group — a seasoned strategic branding consultancy — to help guide the process. Chris Dornan, Cross Country Ski de fond Canada’s Communications Advisor, will also play a key role in leading us through this project. The essence of who we are needs to come from you.

We will work with you to discover our brand over the next four months. We will proudly announce our brand to Canadians and to the world at the FIS World Cup Finals in Quebec City on March 22.

Why now? CCC started its path to revitalization in 2016 with governance restructuring and new strategic goals. In 2017, a club survey gathered critical information for moving forward. This year CCC is redefining the high performance pathway. Throughout, we have been working to create a sound organizational structure based on strong leadership, clear and transparent communications, trustworthy relationships and accountability.

Please help us revitalize and define this wonderful Canadian sport by being part of this next step. Your input is needed and is important to us.




Shane Pearsall

CEO, Cross Country Ski de fond Canada