Thank you for your participation!

In 64 days, 870 people across 10 provinces, two territories, as well as the United States and Finland answered our survey and this is what they had to say:


At the close of 2018, Cross Country Ski de fond Canada reached out to our family of engaged stakeholders through an extensive survey. The goal was to obtain input into the development of a new brand and set of values as the national sport body embarks on a new beginning. Essentially, our goal was to see Cross Country Ski de fond Canada’s future through the eyes of our passionate Nordic community.

Our survey was open for 9 weeks, and we are thrilled to report we received input from more than 870 individuals across the country. All 10 provinces as well as two territories provided feedback. The majority of respondents live in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. While an overwhelming 97% of respondents ski recreationally, 61% of respondents do not ski competitively. The largest group of respondents (228) were in the 44-54 age category.

This rate of response is exceptional and showcases the passion and heart we have for this sport for life. Inspired by the likes of Sharon and Shirley Firth, Pierre Harvey, Beckie Scott, Colette Bourgonje, Sara Renner, Brian McKeever, Chandra Crawford, Devon Kershaw, Alex Harvey, Mark Arendz, Lenny Valjas, and the next generation of skiers who are now ready to carry the torch, each year thousands of Canadians are inspired to hop on a pair of skinny skis.

Rightly so, you told us in your survey responses that we must respect our history, and also look forward to building an even brighter future while focusing on creating greater awareness for the sport of cross-country skiing. This will be done by putting more focus on getting more Canadians on skis, which will ultimately lead to more athletes on the podium – all enjoying ‘Lifelong Fitness.’

This feedback is entirely in keeping with our vision for our new brand. For us, the brand will be so much more than a logo. It will be a distillation of all that we stand for, and an expression of our unique promise to our stakeholders. Most importantly, it will tell our proud story!

Thank you for your heartfelt participation. Your survey feedback will provide tremendous insight and direction as we grow and evolve as an organization. It is all of the people in our community – recreational skiers, volunteers, coaches, athletes, officials, corporate partners as well as board members at the national and provincial levels – and their stories that will be at the core of this brand. Together we are growing a strong future for our organization and the sport in Canada.

We are excited to get to work integrating your comments and ideas into our new brand. Stay tuned for brand updates in the near future!

Shane Pearsall
Chief Executive Officer
Cross Country Ski de fond Canada